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40 ounces of intoxicated dreams.

_____________[[everything's different,___but nothing's changed.

23 December
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bare feet on the
stare at my reflection
and somewhere in my eyes I see
all the answers I've been looking for
I can see my faithless dreams
the blood rising to the surface
I can see my lost happiness
and my self-hatred.
I can try and feel again.
I can almost learn to cry.

I stare at my refelction
and somewhere in my eyes I see
something I'll never feel again.
I can see every answer
but I can't touch them.
I can see I life I never deserved to have
and will never have again.
I can see enough pain
enough longing
enough scars
to last me three more forevers.

I stare at my reflection
and somewhere in my eyes I see
a sad girl with no feelings
a numb hatred for almost everything
and an unclear perception
of what the answers really are.

- - -

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